Laurel Nursing Cover 2 -$35.00

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The privilege of breastfeeding a baby is a blessing and, at times, a daunting task! Feeling comfortable, relaxed and calm are essential to a beautiful feeding experience for mom and baby. This cover will keep your bosoms private, while you keep your eye on your little bug through the peek-a-boo top, so you can maintain your bond with wee one. Use it to cover up for Mr. Bashful popping by for a visit, strangers passing by at the mall, or to keep curious baby focused on the task at hand. So, whether your breastfeeding at home, or on the go, you’ll feel at ease knowing your junebugs cover is there for you!


  • Extra wide and long to reduce exposure, 37”wide x 28” long
  • Folds into pocket
  • Patented Rigiflex TM boning along the neckline maintains shape, and promotes airflow
  • Machine Washable
  • Adjustable neck strap to conveniently reposition cover
  • 100% Cotton


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